As your company grows and develops, you are bound to run into roadblocks while attempting to streamline communication and collaboration across multiple offices. Finding ways to connect global offices can be tricky, but the overarching benefits of doing so provide a worthwhile ROI. Take employee satisfaction, for example – in the U.S., employee happiness is 23.3 percent more correlated to connections with coworkers than direct supervisors, making the case to instill particular goals that will help employees build strong connections with one another, despite physical location.

Another recent study shows only 16 percent of employees say they felt connected and engaged by their employers, presenting another reason to encourage and foster communication across teams and leadership alike.

Lastly, the rise of the remote workforce plays a major part in the reasoning as to why business leaders must pay close attention to how they can best connect their offices. Coworking spaces are popping up everywhere, allowing for businesses to open smaller offices in more regions. It is integral to maintain the company culture, communication and sense of connection with employees who work from these locations outside of the company’s headquarters. Follow these steps to ensure all locations can work, communicate and share info effectively and in a timely manner.


Encourage cross-office visits

Meeting with your teams face to face is invaluable. Building connections with those you work with on a daily basis will help foster better communication and understanding in the workplace. Encouraging employees to work from other offices will help to create a better sense of connection while maintaining a steady culture throughout the various regions of your company. It is also crucial to coordinate cross-office visits for the leadership team within your organization to ensure those relationships are maintained as well.


Use an all-in-one messaging platform

Slack has taken the corporate world by storm in recent years. Its functionalities include direct messaging, group chats and photo and video sharing, along with the potential to integrate with hundreds of other unique tools and features that are fully customizable to fit your workplace and culture. This tool, in addition to other messaging and communication platforms that exist, helps streamline all communication across teams, regardless of physical location. We’ve found anything from a simple shout-out or ‘reaction’ (e.g. sending a thumbs up emoji to an announcement made) via these messaging platforms helps bolster confidence and security among employees in any given organization. Use these tools to share information and communicate effectively across offices.


Consider ‘always-on’ camera technology

Here at Altia Systems, we specialize in panoramic camera technology that provides 100 percent room coverage with 100 percent AI capabilities. Our camera allows video conference participants to get a full, crisp view of the room and the people in it. Some of our customers prefer to use the camera for ‘always-on’ communication, which means it is positioned in the general workspace among multiple offices and connected to a large screen so that each individual region’s team can see and collaborate with one another in real time. We’ve found this helps foster a stronger sense of teamwork and helps employees develop relationships with one another by increasing visibility to one’s day-to-day.


Utilizing ‘always-on’ cameras, instilling a communications platform like Slack and encouraging face time with cross-office visits will help build a more cohesive workplace. Each one of your employees is in his or her position for a good reason, and encouraging regional offices to become more connected will only make your company that much stronger.