PanaCast for Global Classrooms

Upgrade your virtual classroom with PanaCast

PanaCast enables students and teachers to be fully immersed in the educational experience – whether they are in the same classroom or half a world away.

Education without boundaries

PanaCast transforms the learning experience. The device’s high quality 180° field of view delivers video with a natural human perspective in real-time. Include everyone in the discussion, which supports group identity and enables intuitive group dynamics. There’s no noise, no delay, no distraction and intelligent vision takes it up another level.

Use 100% of the room with PanaCast

With PanaCast, you get 100% room coverage, and, concurrently, 100% intelligent sensing: everyone’s included and the AI works correctly to optimize the experience for you.
Designing Great Huddle Rooms

100% room coverage

PanaCast 100% Coverage

Ultra-wide angle camera
(25% to 40% wasted space)

Set up is simple – it just works


PanaCast is a Plug-and-Play USB device. Tell IT not to sweat it: equipping huddle rooms is simple.

Works with everything

PanaCast works with most popular collaboration services.

Small and elegant –  yet advanced

PanaCast is compact, with award-winning design. It fits ideally in a huddle room. Don’t let its size fool you: it packs serious power with nine processors.

“Carnegie Mellon
University needed the latest in video camera technology to seamlessly connect and create cohesion among our various campuses in Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh and Dubai, for example. PanaCast lets me clearly see each of my classrooms on the same screen and my students are 10 times more engaged.”

– Stuart Evans, Distinguished Service Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University

Mounting options for any space

Have a unique space? From monitor mounts to table stands, PanaCast can be configured for any space. The camera can even be set to flip the view upside down, depending on where it’s mounted. 

PanaCast is ideal for education

Hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide use PanaCast to transform learning experiences.

Get the PanaCast 3

The only camera with 180˚ view and 6x lossless digital zoom

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Our Technology

PanaCast + Intelligent Vision

Creating a full 180° panoramic view was just the first step toward a smarter future. With the whole room now visible, unlock the full capabilities of our Intelligent Vision software. 


Include everyone automatically with Intelligent Zoom

Light any room with Vivid

Share your ideas with PanaCast Whiteboard

Resources for Education

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