PanaCast for Huddle Rooms

Huddle comfortably

PanaCast delivers a natural collaboration experience especially in the smallest of spaces. With a 180° field of view and a Panoramic-4K video stream, PanaCast gives everyone a virtual seat at the table in an increasingly popular place to gather: the huddle room.

Goodbye, single camera – Hello, immersive field of view

Huddle rooms are fundamentally different from traditional video conferencing rooms: all the action happens right near the front wall. Single and PTZ cameras waste 25% to 50% of that crucial space. PanaCast – with its three low distortion cameras, synchronized and stitched together – gives you back the whole space.

Now your team can innovate in comfort. Everyone’s in the picture, in the know.

Use 100% of the room with PanaCast

With PanaCast, you get 100% room coverage, and, concurrently, 100% intelligent sensing: everyone’s included and the AI works correctly to optimize the experience for you.
Designing Great Huddle Rooms

100% room coverage

PanaCast 100% Coverage

Ultra-wide angle camera
(25% to 40% wasted space)

Set up is simple – it just works


PanaCast is a Plug-and-Play USB device. Tell IT not to sweat it: equipping huddle rooms is simple.

Works with everything

PanaCast works with most popular collaboration services.

Small and elegant –  yet advanced

PanaCast is compact, with award-winning design. It fits ideally in a huddle room. Don’t let its size fool you: it packs serious power with nine processors.

“We chose PanaCast because it gives an immersive sense of participation to remote meeting participants. With PanaCast, there is no need to squeeze together to get into the scene or waste time panning and zooming like with a typical conference room camera.”

Jolean DeKort, Director of Employee Technology at GoDaddy

Mounting options for any space

Have a unique space? From monitor mounts to table stands, PanaCast can be configured for any space. The camera can even be set to flip the view upside down, depending on where it’s mounted. 

PanaCast is ideal for huddle rooms

Over 1,600 companies around the world use PanaCast for best-in-class huddle rooms

Get the PanaCast 3

The only camera with 180˚ view and 6x lossless digital zoom

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Our Technology

PanaCast + Intelligent Vision

Creating a full 180° panoramic view was just the first step toward a smarter future. With the whole room now visible, unlock the full capabilities of our Intelligent Vision software. 


Include everyone automatically with Intelligent Zoom

Light any room with Vivid

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Resources for Huddle Rooms

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