The big gain from PanaCast is that meetings stay focused on work – not on moving or adjusting the technology. With PanaCast, we’re finally able to record and collaborate with remote-based people during meetings — no more pan and zoom.

– Justin Petro, CEO and Founder of Thinktiv

Imagine that you’re a fledgling startup aspiring to succeed, all the while acutely aware that you have a 90% chance of failing. Now imagine working with a team that has demonstrated an exceptional track record in helping startups win despite the fact that the odds are stacked against you. Meet Thinktiv. “At Thinktiv, we’ve built a team that is intent on fighting the 90% failure rate of startups,” asserts Miroslav Lysyuk, Managing Partner of Thinktiv.

The well-known, Austin-based business accelerator has helped 200+ startups launch since 2006. Justin Petro, Thinktiv’s CEO and Founder, is an industry veteran. He founded the company out of a passion for launching companies into emerging markets and generating great results. Since 2006, they have helped create $1.2B in enterprise exit value across their hundreds of clients and fueled the go-to-market strategy for 120+ products and applications. Their client list – which includes companies like BazaarVoice, TRUECar, Spredfast and Prysm – demonstrates Thinktiv’s breadth and depth of expertise across industries. Their #1 focus is helping clients and partners achieve what’s possible and doing so quickly. “Whether you are an early stage venture or a late-stage company looking to transform or launch a new product, we will help show you what factors and levers are needed to achieve your goal as fast as possible,” explains Lysyuk. “I think that’s our key differentiator from many other companies in our space.”

At Thinktiv, generating results involves a great deal of collaboration between individuals across offices. “Generally speaking, we do at least 50% of our work with remote clients and so much of the work we do is virtual: phone calls, video conferencing and so on,” says Petro. Back in 2016, he began to feel frustrated by the limitations of their current collaboration setup. “It was a business need for us to be able to effectively communicate, especially since we’re often having complex and esoteric conversations,” Petro describes. “As you can imagine, much of what is discussed in those conversations has to be shown, not told.

Petro began to see issues with their PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera setup. He noticed that time spent adjusting their PTZ cameras constantly detracted from meeting efficacy. The PTZ setup created constant interruptions and distractions that prevented meaningful dialogue from taking place. Worse still was the fact that their PTZ camera setup often forced people to match their thought process to PTZ-induced disruptions, creating interruption-driven meanings and oftentimes causing attendees to lose context. “While it’s true that a PTZ camera might be able to achieve some of the same results, moving and panning a camera takes people away from the task at hand and you lose the ability to maintain context with the rest of the information on display,” Petro comments. Frustrated by how often PTZ cameras were, in his words, “ruining the flow of the meeting”, Petro began looking for better and less disruptive video conferencing solutions. He came across PanaCast and was instantly impressed. “We were particularly intrigued by the ability to showcase a panoramic environment — in high definition and beyond,” says Petro.

In Petro’s words, PanaCast has helped Thinktiv in two key ways. The first was PanaCast’s ability to equalize participation between remote and in-person meeting attendees. The camera system was instantly able to enhance collaboration on video calls, making Thinktiv’s meetings significantly more productive. “We have a lot of whiteboard walls in the office that we use for brainstorming and working through solutions,” comments Petro. “Capturing these – especially in real-time for collaboration – is difficult at best.” The second was the reduction in PTZ camera troubleshooting and disruptions related to their PTZ camera setup. In Petro’s words: “With PanaCast, we’re finally able to record and collaborate with remote-based people during meetings – no more pan and zoom.” He started to notice that PanaCast was significantly improving collaboration during and after video-based meetings, leading to more effective brainstorming and faster ideation.

Petro finds the time savings which PanaCast delivers to be the camera system’s most compelling value proposition. “The big gain is in time spent during meetings focused on work, not moving or adjusting the technology”, says Petro. He also can’t help but love PanaCast’s ease of use, commenting on how it’s much easier to integrate with current room setups. “It offers a much smaller footprint, and thus enables mounting in more concealed locations,” he explains. Petro loves how PanaCast has dramatically improved meeting effectiveness at Thinktiv. “With whiteboard scenarios, it’s a win-win on both sides because we can capture the full context of something,” says Petro. “What we’ve experienced with PanaCast is that meeting participants – both internally and externally – can concentrate on the meeting information (not the meeting technology), which allows people to have and maintain context throughout the meeting.” As Thinktiv expands in the coming years and the number of meetings with remote participants increases, he’s confident they will continue to see more and more value from PanaCast.