Professional Broadcast Video System

Meet PanaCast Live

180° 3D real-time in-device stitching

Close-to-the-Action Virtual Reality in Real-time

PanaCast Live delivers a real-time, 180° 3D VR live experience in 4K, providing a new level of engagement experience.

We are committed to delivering a compelling VR experience bringing fans closer to the action. The new PanaCast Live system from Altia Systems provides us with the ability to provide unprecedented angles to watch and engage with the major sports events we broadcast.

– Jayaram Sankar | CTO of the Intel Sports group

4K video quality

Live broadcast or create content for a high quality immersive 3D experience with breath-taking 4K video quality.

3D live broadcasting

Enables live broadcasting of 180° 4K 3D video at 60 frames per second over 12G SDI, creating a first-of-its-kind immersive virtual reality viewing experience.

12G SDI output

The first fully integrated, portable professional video system for live broadcasting with built-in 12G SDI output capability.

Ultra high quality, immersive 3D video

Take your story 3-Dimensional

PanaCast Live is available now for professional content creators. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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Advanced Technology

PanaCast Live is a highly integrated array of six synchronized 13.1 Megapixel cameras whose output is stitched and optimized in real time in the onboard PanaCast Video Processor to deliver 4K 3D video with a 180° field of view delivered directly for input to broadcasting equipment via the latest generation 12G SDI interface, at 60 frames per second.

The system processes more than 2,340 Megapixels per second, with the industry-leading latency of less than 5 ms for dynamic seam stitching of individual video streams, to create the panoramic 180° field of view 4K video in 3D, with a natural (low distortion) perspective.

The fully stitched and synchronized content is available in real-time to help you see and use the video instantly, without having to wait for post-production work

It is a personal and portable device, easily carried around an event to deliver content from close to the action vantage points, to bring a new level of audience engagement experiences at scale to audiences worldwide, with high profile, world-class events.