PanaCast Vivid

Great looking video under any lighting conditions

PanaCast Vivid works the way our eyes do, adjusting automatically to changes in light

Your team – in the best possible light

A brighter conference

With PanaCast Vivid enabled, a dull or dimly-lit huddle room is transformed; simulated studio lighting frames everyone in the best possible light.

Inconsistent lighting? No problem

Lighting changes in a conference room all the time, throughout the day, over the seasons. PanaCast Vivid takes care of it automatically.

“Now, distractions like imperfect lighting and bright windows will no longer get in the way of useful collaboration.”

– David Danto, Director of Emerging Technologies at IMCCA

Intelligent Vision

Vivid is part of our Intelligent Vision software suite for PanaCast. This smart upgrade improves the video experience for both sides of the conference. One click and Vivid kicks in, autonomously and continuously optimizing video quality.

Already have PanaCast? Upgrade with Vivid

Purchase PanaCast 2 + PanaCast Vivid

Purchase PanaCast 2 already equipped with PanaCast Vivid to get the most out of your video conferencing camera system

Learn More about PanaCast Vivid
How it Works

PanaCast Vivid is a high dynamic range (HDR) technology that mimics how the human eye deals with changes in luminance in the real world through a patented biomimetic algorithm. PanaCast Vivid is particularly useful in situations with a high variation/dynamic range in luminance.


What is PanaCast Vivid?
PanaCast Vivid is a high dynamic range (HDR) technology built on a patented biomimetic signal processing algorithm that mimics how the human eye deals with changes in luminance in the real world.

How does PanaCast Vivid work?
It’s really simple. Once Vivid is turned on on your PanaCast device, Vivid normalizes luminance and delivers clear and sharp video in Panoramic-4K that shows every detail in your meeting room, improving your video experience significantly.

Do I need to install any drivers or applications for PanaCast Vivid?
No! There are no additional drivers or applications required. PanaCast Vivid works with any popular video conferencing application. All you have to do is to activate PanaCast Vivid on your PanaCast device.

Can I try PanaCast Vivid before I buy?
Yes! The PanaCast Vivid trial gives you 30 free hours of active meeting time. The trial includes a timer that you can easily toggle on or off. Start your free trial now.

Can I use PanaCast Vivid on my existing PanaCast 2?
Yes, easily! You can upgrade your PanaCast 2 and use PanaCast Vivid. You can buy PanaCast Vivid here.

Are PanaCast Vivid licenses transferable between camera units?
Unfortunately, the PanaCast Vivid license is non-transferable between camera units. However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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