Huddle rooms are the heart of true collaboration and we believe they are more important than any other room in an office environment. When set up appropriately, huddle rooms have the power to create a safe space that is needed for teams to brainstorm new ideas, rejigger strategies, meet remote teammates or tackle crises that suddenly surface.

In order to allow this type of crucial and effective collaboration to occur, businesses should ensure their technology is optimized in each of their huddle rooms. 5 methods for doing this include:  

1) Cable compatibility: Ramping up your huddle room tech is bound to create a need for extensive cable compatibility. When purchasing your AV equipment, be sure to consider the extra cable adaptors and extension cords you may need to connect your tech! It’s also important to standardize your AV equipment across different room types based on the rooms’ varying size/orientation. We highly recommend using the vendor supplied and/or recommended cables (HDMI, USB, etc.) and adapters.

2) Video conferencing: With such a large number of video conferencing platforms out on the market today, it’s difficult to choose just one. The great thing is: you don’t have to! There are several AV technology solutions that exist that are compatible with several (or all) video conferencing platforms. Make it easy on yourself and your colleagues by choosing one of these universal solutions.

3) Field of view (FOV): Huddle rooms are small but they tend to be busy work areas, sometimes including whiteboards or multiple walls. Because of this, utilizing every inch of the small space that a huddle room provides can be a difficult task. Choosing a camera that is capable of capturing at least 180° field of view to capture the entire room is one way to ensure usage of every bit of that room. 180° HD quality video helps capture all important collaboration activities that take place in huddle rooms including active speakers, meeting participants and individuals writing on the whiteboard.

4) Security of your camera: The last thing you want to deal with after spending a ton of time and money setting up a huddle room is someone stealing or removing your equipment! Make sure to check what security features your huddle room camera has built into it. For instance, if your camera is compatible with Kensington security locks, that will ensure that no one can take your camera. The installation of a Kensington security lock prevents the removal of a camera from a docking station or monitor setup.

5) Sound: What good is a huddle room if you don’t have high quality AV technology to ensure remote team members can hear you properly? Be sure to consider microphones and sound capabilities when searching for the AV technology that will best suit your office setting and needs. The best sound experience include high quality speaker and microphone systems. There are standalone speaker-microphone systems or distributed audio systems. As an example of a distributed audio system, cameras can serve as microphones and displays can serve as speakers. When using displays, make sure to test the echo cancellation performance of your AV application.

Huddle rooms can be found in just about any business office. People have realized how crucial it is to create spaces that encourage simple yet effective collaboration. Ramping up the technology in your huddle rooms will help to optimize them for all of your company’s collaboration needs.