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By Panacast / January 30, 2018

Frustrations With Workplace Tech

Picture this: You head into work, your office building automatically unlocks the door as it sees you walking up and your computer begins listing your calendar events for the day as you sit down at your desk. You then head into your first meeting to find your attendees' faces promptly...

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By Panacast / January 3, 2018

Check out our booth at CES 2018!

  Happy New Year, everyone! We’re excited to kick things into high gear at CES next week, and want to invite all of you to stop by our booth - located at the Las Vegas Convention Center, MP 25953. We’ll be demonstrating PanaCast 2s and the PanaCast 3D live streaming...

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By Panacast / November 28, 2017

Optimizing your Huddle Room for Collaboration: 5 Things You May Not Have Considered

Huddle rooms are the heart of true collaboration and we believe they are more important than any other room in an office environment. When set up appropriately, huddle rooms have the power to create a safe space that is needed for teams to brainstorm new ideas, rejigger strategies, meet remote...

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By Panacast / November 14, 2017

Building a Video-First Culture

When it comes to video, various applications ranging from your company’s marketing tactics to everyday internal use with your colleagues have made this form of communication rise to the very top of the list in the corporate environment. As video continues to grow, it is imperative that companies begin to...

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By Panacast / November 7, 2017

How to Work Around the High Cost of Living in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is known best for its buzzing startup scene, the plethora of programmers and - last but not least - its skyrocketing cost of living. In order to get by in the city, studies have shown that a single person needs to make at least $120,000 annually. This whopping...

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By Panacast / November 1, 2017

Benefits of Choosing a Multi-Camera System

Benefits of Investing in a Multi-Camera System We are often asked about the benefits of adopting a multi-camera system, such as our PanaCast 2 camera, in comparison to a single-camera system, as many other solutions utilize. While thousands of video cameras that were each created with a specific purpose or...

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By Panacast / October 24, 2017

How to Ramp Up Your Client Relations

Despite the worries society may have about robots taking over the workforce, here at Altia Systems we believe technology will only continue to enhance the way we live our lives as opposed to leading to our ultimate doomsday. Humans have certain capabilities that robots will (likely) never be able to fully duplicate - one of them being relationships.

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By Panacast / October 17, 2017

PanaCast Partner Program – Altia Systems Appoints New Sales Leadership

We’ve recently made an effort to ramp up and expand our partner program and channel sales strategy here at Altia Systems and are pleased to officially announce new leadership helping drive these initiatives. Dennis Dyer recently joined the team as the director of channel sales to lead the company’s efforts...

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By Panacast / October 17, 2017

Altia Systems Appoints New Channel Leadership

Dennis Dyer and Gina Spencer join to launch the new PanaCast Partner Program and channel sales strategy generating accelerated growth across North America with global reach

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By Panacast / October 10, 2017

Utilizing Digital Communication to Combat Loneliness

Harvard Business Review recently published this article highlighting the correlation between loneliness and burnout in the workplace, noting that obesity reduces life longevity by 20%, drinking by 30% and smoking by 50% whereas loneliness reduces longevity by a whopping 70%. The article goes on to say loneliness can cause both...

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