Commuting to work is a compromise employees in the American workforce often make for reasons ranging from lower cost of living outside of the city to better school districts and communities. According to a recent study, average commute time has been getting longer every single year since 2010. With a long commute, a handful negative side effects are often unavoidable. Other recent research shows that long commutes to work can cause depression, obesity and money worries. When looking at the effects commuting has on the actual work that is being accomplished, “employees whose commute lasted less than 30 minutes had seven more days’ worth of productivity than those whose commute duration surpassed 60 minutes.”

With this, we’ve come up with a few tips to help employers and employees alleviate the negative effects that a long commute can have.

  • Make the most out of your commute: Instead of spending time worrying about everything you have to get done once arrive at the office or letting traffic cause you anxiety, find new outlets that will keep your mind busy and remain productive during your commute. Take time to find a new podcast around a topic you are interested in, or simply entertained by. Learn a new language by investing in an educational audio lesson, or purchase an audio version of the next book on your list to listen to instead of read. These tactics will help set your mind at ease and reassure you that you are not wasting time on your drive or train ride to and from work.
  • Consider part-time or full-time remote work: The remote workforce is growing, and businesses everywhere are becoming more open to accommodate a workforce that is not in the office from 9-5, day after day. Assess the option to begin working from home a few days a week, and discuss this with your boss or manager. In the case of a long commute, there are studies to back the benefits that both you and your leadership team can reap if you transition at least some of your work to be completed from home. It is a win-win situation for both parties involved.
  • Invest in at-home technology solution: A large part of the reason why the remote workforce will continue to grow is because technology allows it to. Dedicating funds to create a hi-tech office in the comfort of your own home will allow you to maximize your work hours. A combination of high-speed internet, a solid computer, accessories to fit your work style and, of course, a panoramic video camera that mimics the human eye and creates a natural viewing experience (hint: PanaCast 2!) is all you need to accomplish this.

These tips will help any employee maximize their time and enhance their work ethic, productivity, engagement and overall satisfaction with his or her job.