Fueled by human connections

PanaCast delivers a naturally immersive experience with systems that sense and adapt in real time to our needs. Everything we do is aimed at creating a more symbiotic relationship with technology that is as human as virtually possible.

PanaCast is the result of our team’s passion to transform how people see and connect electronically and how Imaging Science, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence can enable us to develop and deliver new systems which anticipate and address our needs autonomously, freeing us up to focus on the human connection.

Members of our founding team started innovating how to synchronize multiple independent cameras so that they would function as one in 2009. We invented the core algorithms and system architecture semiconductor-level micro-architecture technology to optimize the speed of such systems to achieve real-time performance. From the beginning, we set ourselves the hard goal of developing an ultra-fast system as that would deliver the best price-performance and allow us to work in real-time applications, like video collaboration. To do so, we developed a streaming architecture with core IP (intellectual property) at the silicon, hardware, system and software levels, all working together coherently to achieve industry-first performance. This “bare-metal” and silicon level engineering innovation drew on our core expertise in building more than 20 industry-first System-on-Chip (SOC) devices and systems, including chip imaging systems, massively parallel mission-critical computer systems and high-performance/high-end professional camera systems.

This is a very exciting time to be in vision systems as rapid improvements in micro camera arrays and AI technologies allow us to rapidly innovate in delivering unique new systems which combine natural looking, ultra high-quality immersive video with real-time intelligent sensing to create uniquely new experiences, autonomous actions which simplify our lives and “big data” information – all of which helps us work, learn, live and play better.

Today, the reach of the technology is growing into many new greenfield markets as computing systems transform from running pre-written software to becoming self-learning machines using artificial intelligence. Real-time, synchronized multi-camera array systems like PanaCast work as the eyes for such machines: helping improve their responsiveness and adaptation to the human world.

Running our business on human connections

Altia Systems doesn’t just sell products: we partner with our cutomers. We strive to better understand their world so that we can work to better it and support them with new technology as it’s developed.

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At Altia Systems, we build innovative products that are world’s firsts and one of a kind. That’s made possible because of the strength and dynamic of our loyal team.

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