Picture this: You head into work, your office building automatically unlocks the door as it sees you walking up and your computer begins listing your calendar events for the day as you sit down at your desk. You then head into your first meeting to find your attendees’ faces promptly pop up on the projector screen and you receive a document filled with notes from the meeting as soon as it ends. This is the future of the workplace: a tech-infused environment that automates anything and everything imaginable to help you do your job more quickly and more efficiently. While this is an exciting future to look forward to, getting there involves overcoming some bumps in the road.


Common issues with workplace tech

From spotty WiFi to poor camera resolution and endless cord adapters, the list of frustrations with tech in the workplace is long and will only continue to grow as we approach a more automated future. Laptops and desktop computers are integral to completing everyday tasks. When they stop working, completing those everyday tasks suddenly seems comparable to scaling Mount Everest. Conference rooms of all sizes are becoming more saturated with technology as well as brands are finding ways to streamline collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers for any type of business. Employees often run into issues around video camera resolution and speed, connectivity between all of the devices required to run a video call and proper recording of the conversation. Many offices lack an in-office IT employee or team that can help with these day-to-day troubles, making it difficult for quick solutions to be found.


The future is promising

With regards to these daily problems that arise, we are happy to say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Leading workplace technology companies are developing new tech to make your job easier and are taking these issues into consideration in an attempt to alleviate similar ones moving forward. WiFi is improving with the development of new protocols for routers that are aware of audio and video traffic for better quality of service. Camera resolutions and image quality are improving as well. Cameras can show clear video with little noise under extreme light conditions in a conference room. Wires have been eliminated as employees can share their laptop screens using Bluetooth. Smartphones and tablets are frequently used to streamline communication in the workplace and the mobile versions of video conferencing applications are seeing innovations.These options help employees be less dependent on their laptops and become more engaged in the conversation itself. Video conference platform vendors are working on reducing the technology clutter by creating a more streamlined experience overall. Rather than having to juggle multiple remote controls, a keyboard, a mouse, speaker systems and more, companies have developed a single console that sits in the center of your conference room table, creating a one-touch system.

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a huge role in accomplishing this as well. AI is capable of observing when something goes wrong and learning from that mistake to ensure it does not occur again. AI is being integrated into conference rooms and overall office environments at a rapid pace. The beauty of this is that companies that lack an in-house employee to help with tech troubleshooting will no longer be at such a large disadvantage.  


PanaCast products are here to save the day!

Here at Altia Systems, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the collaboration technology revolution and are always working on new technology to improve the way we work, play and live. Our PanaCast solutions to date have brought crisp 4K and 5K 180° panoramic video to huddle and conference rooms, enabled the digitization of physical whiteboards utilizing computer vision technology and brought 4K 3D live stream video capabilities to capture action in the highest resolution possible. We’ve tapped into the exciting world of AI and are incorporating more of it with every new intelligent vision device and system we develop. This has opened up an entire new realm of possibilities when it comes to streamlining various aspects of our day to day lives.  

While there is no quick fix to frustrations with technology in the workplace, we can confidently say that these troubles will be alleviated with more advanced solutions that are on the horizon. We have a lot in the works here at Altia Systems and can’t wait to continue developing products that will make your lives easier in every way possible!