Want to know why Altia Systems is used by more than 130 universities nationwide? It has a lot to do with someone named Alex Hausman!

Alex is a hybrid Account Executive/Account Manager who has been with us here at Altia Systems for about two and a half years. His focus largely pertains to helping universities looking to improve upon their current collaboration setups. Alex strives to be a resource and provider of higher quality video that will enhance efficiency, productivity and overall experience for all PanaCast customers.

We sat down with Alex for a brief Q&A to learn more about his thoughts on using Altia Systems’ technology as a solution in various education settings.


What is your favorite part about working for Altia Systems?

I truly love the product. I am incredibly lucky to work with a product and team that I believe in. I also receive great support from my Director and get to work with a wide range of enterprise companies and universities to enhance their video and overall telecommunication needs.


What percent of Altia Systems’ education customers do you personally work with?

I work with about 80% of our education customers, which makes up for about 50% of my own client base at Altia Systems.


What are the largest benefits you’ve heard in feedback received from customers using PanaCast in an education space?

There are several but the most common benefit I hear constantly is around how it improves the learning experience for distance and fully remote participants. PanaCast enables users to have a natural human viewing experience, which transforms the video conferencing experience overall.


Have you noticed growth in PanaCast sales to colleges and universities in the past year or so?

Absolutely. I am personally overseeing new deployments and expansion projects in the education space each and every week. Digital education is on the rise, which means that more universities are in need of this type of technology to better engage their digital classrooms.


What predictions do you have about education technology of the future?

The overarching prediction I have is that simple yet highly technical products and solutions will continue to be developed in the education space. PanaCast is a great example of this, as we have been able to fully transform the traditional video camera and video conferencing experience with our products.


The Altia Systems team will be hosting a webinar for a deep dive on how universities around the globe can use PanaCast technology in an education environment on Wednesday, August 30 at 10 a.m. PT. Check Altia Systems out on Twitter for updates @PanaCast1.