Benefits of Screening Job Candidates Via Video Conferencing

Benefits of Screening Job Candidates Via Video Conferencing Screening potential job candidates has historically been a tough task across all industries, but there’s a silver lining. Advances in [...]

AI and Soft Skills at Work

Now prevalent in offices, cars and homes, artificial intelligence is quickly becoming an integral part of our lives and has proven utility. However, there is an ongoing debate about whetherAI is [...]

Why Three Cameras Are Better Than One

Video conferencing technology has changed the way we work, learn and engage with those around us. As businesses continue to adopt video as a preferred method of communication, technology is [...]

Benefits of Video Conferencing Tech for People With Physical Disabilities

Video conferencing technology enhancements seem to arise every single day, with companies finding new ways to optimize workflow and improve communication within the workplace and beyond. These [...]

How to Enable a Connected Campus

College campuses around the world are enabling students to be more flexible with their learning by providing high-tech solutions that allow for more distance and remote learning opportunities, [...]

Altia Systems’ Guide to Hosting an Epic Meeting

New office tech is being developed left and right, whether it’s a new 4K camera or software that can digitize your whiteboard and stream it in real time (hint: have you heard about PanaCast [...]

Three Steps to Connect Offices Globally

As your company grows and develops, you are bound to run into roadblocks while attempting to streamline communication and collaboration across multiple offices. Finding ways to connect global [...]

Object Detection: What is it and how is it useful?

The computer vision industry is projected to hit $48.6 billion by 2022, with applications in industries ranging from video collaboration and medicine to education and security. Computer vision [...]

Tech Innovations in Sports Broadcasting

Did you watch the Wimbledon tournament or any World Cup games this year? Tennis, soccer, football, skiing and beach volleyball are just a few of the many sporting events live broadcasted on [...]

Frustrations With Workplace Tech

Picture this: You head into work, your office building automatically unlocks the door as it sees you walking up and your computer begins listing your calendar events for the day as you sit down [...]

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