We are often asked about the benefits of adopting a multi-camera system, such as our PanaCast 2 camera, in comparison to a single-camera system, as many other solutions utilize. While thousands of video cameras that were each created with a specific purpose or function in mind exist on the market, finding a camera that is best suited for your particular needs is always key.

One perk that a three-camera system brings to the table is the capability to capture a full 180 degree field of view without any sort of fisheye distortion, which sets it apart from many single-camera solutions. When video from the three video cameras are seamlessly stitched together in real time, users immediately reap the benefits of a natural viewing experience that mimics the human eye, fully immersing participants into the collaboration.

Why do you need 180º?

Typical cameras cover only 60-70% of a room – even with a 120 degree field of view – while PanaCast has a coverage of 100%. This means that about 35% of your room could be hidden. Multiply that by several rooms in your office buildings and you end up wasting 35% of pricey square footage, not counting the thousands of dollars you’ve already invested in real estate. This 180 degree field of view also often diminishes the need to rent or upgrade to a larger space with more spacious conference rooms, as the multi-camera system is capable of capturing each participant in most huddle rooms.


The Gist – how you benefit:

– Wall-to-wall coverage

– Full usage of the room

– Get the best return on investment on your real estate


Check out what our customers are saying about their experience using a multi-camera system like PanaCast on our testimonials page, linked here.

Make the most out of your real estate investment by choosing a solution that is capable of clearly capturing the entire room – trust us, it’s worth it.