PanaCast® 3 – World’s First Intelligent Panoramic Video Collaboration Device with Three 13 Megapixel Cameras – Debuts at CES 2019

PanaCast 3, featuring built-in Intelligent Vision software, delivers the PanaCast fundamentals of 180° video, audio and AI/data coverage for just $895 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, January 7, 2019 —  Altia [...]

Benefits of Screening Job Candidates Via Video Conferencing

Benefits of Screening Job Candidates Via Video Conferencing Screening potential job candidates has historically been a tough task across all industries, but there’s a silver lining. Advances in [...]

AI and Soft Skills at Work

Now prevalent in offices, cars and homes, artificial intelligence is quickly becoming an integral part of our lives and has proven utility. However, there is an ongoing debate about whetherAI is [...]

Why Three Cameras Are Better Than One

Video conferencing technology has changed the way we work, learn and engage with those around us. As businesses continue to adopt video as a preferred method of communication, technology is [...]

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