PanaCast Vivid autonomously optimizes luminance to enhance viewing experience for PanaCast 2 customers

Cupertino, CA. – September 19, 2017 – Altia Systems, creators of PanaCast 2, the world’s first 180° Panoramic-4K Plug-and-Play video camera system, today launched PanaCast Vivid, a newly-developed real-time HDR (high dynamic range) technology being delivered as a fully integrated high performance engine running in the PanaCast Video Processor within the PanaCast 2 camera system, which automatically and continuously improves video quality under varying light conditions to enhance participants’ collaboration experience.

PanaCast Vivid is built with a patented biomimetic signal processing algorithm which enables the camera system to mimic how the human eye handles the vast changes in luminance in the real world by autonomously optimizing video quality in any lighting condition. It is particularly useful in environments with a high variation or dynamic range in luminance, as it automatically adjusts it to deliver an optimized video stream for any video conferencing environment. Vivid autonomously enhances contrast, displays realistic colors, shows details even in dark areas and delivers a video stream that mimics how the eye naturally perceives light. Companies such as Intermedia UK, NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation and The Enright Company have deployed PanaCast Vivid.

“People often experience distractions and distortions during video calls caused by inadequate lighting situations in their huddle rooms. This includes light glaring off a whiteboard, making it illegible, or bright sunlight streaming in through a window to create unwanted silhouettes that hide facial expressions, which is all subject to change throughout any given day or across seasons. This detracts from the collaboration experience and degrades the quality of communication,” said Yash Gupta, Director of Engineering for Camera Systems Development at Altia Systems. “PanaCast Vivid provides instant, autonomous improvements for both the people in the room and remote participants, continuously optimizing video quality in any lighting condition to provide the best video experience possible.”

“It’s great to see Altia Systems add automatic HDR capabilities to their existing PanaCast 2 camera with a simple firmware update. This update, plus automatic intelligent framing and its advanced features, keep PanaCast 2 amongst the top videoconferencing cameras for huddle rooms and small conference rooms for organizations that have specifically chosen to use software apps instead of hardware codecs in their rooms,” said David Danto, Director of Emerging Technology, IMCCA. “Now, distractions such as imperfect lighting and bright windows will no longer get in the way of making useful collaboration footage for its users.”

PanaCast Vivid is now available via for a one-time $149 license per PanCast 2 device. Vivid is compatible with all other industry-first PanaCast Intelligent Vision products, such as Intelligent Zoom, which enables the camera to automatically zoom in and out to include all participants in the room, and Whiteboard, which detects whiteboards of any size and displays their content as a second virtual camera within the video conference.