This week, Altia Systems is traveling to Orlando, Florida to demo its suite of Intelligent Vision products that add unique capabilities to enhance participants’ collaboration sessions at Microsoft Ignite. The suite includes Intelligent Zoom, PanaCast Whiteboard, the just-launched PanaCast Vivid, API Access, UVC Data Queries, Workflow Automation and Enterprise-grade Manageability. The software products autonomously act upon intelligence generated from the real-time, immersive PanaCast 2 video stream. Algorithms within these products identify objects, create data, apply pixel-level signal processing and combine the generated information with other data to automate the collaboration experience.

More than 1,000 customer companies around the world use PanaCast 2 and many, including Fortune 10 Enterprise businesses, use the Intelligent Vision products with their PanaCast 2 devices to add core new capabilities to their collaboration experience. The natural-looking, inclusive 180° video experience is ideally suited for huddle rooms and team collaboration, and gives every participant a virtual seat at the table.

“PanaCast customers are adding Intelligent Vision products at an accelerated pace,” notes Dennis Dyer, Director of Sales in North America, “to help make their meetings run better and faster.”

PanaCast 2 is a compact multi-camera system that utilizes newly-developed imaging science and computer vision algorithms operating within the onboard PanaCast Video Processor to synchronize, stitch and optimize video from three miniaturized cameras. This creates a natural-looking 180° by 54° video stream with Panoramic-4K resolution at 3840 x 1080 pixels per frame, at 30 frames per second. It is a versatile USB Plug-and-Play device used routinely for video collaboration services in large-scale huddle room deployments. Dual microphones and an audio DSP are also integrated to achieve high-quality audio input. PanaCast 2 has received numerous awards including the CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree recognition and, most recently, rAVe Best UC Solution at Integrate Australia 2017.

Intelligent Zoom automatically and dynamically adjusts the field of view to include all participants in the video frame, zooming in and out electronically and unobtrusively, without the mechanical movement or noise of conventional electro-mechanical pan-tilt cameras and/or electro-optical zoom. Intelligent Zoom received Best New PTZ Camera recognition at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam.

PanaCast Whiteboard detects whiteboards of any size and extracts, rectifies and displays their content as a second video stream virtual camera. PanaCast Whiteboard was featured as the first product on the rAVe Top 10 Tour of new products at InfoComm 2017.

PanaCast Vivid, just launched on September 19, 2017 is a high dynamic range (HDR) technology built on a biomimetic signal processing algorithm that mimics how the human eye handles vast changes in luminance in the real world. It autonomously and continuously optimizes the video quality in any lighting condition – particularly in environments with a high variation/dynamic range in luminance – so that participants have the best video experience possible.

The API Access, UVC Data Queries, Workflow Automation and Enterprise-grade Manageability products are in use with customers and partners for enhanced solution integration, to generate big data on room occupancy detection, the number and frequency of meetings, participants, usage patterns and resource utilization for automated room availability management, and to reduce meeting overhead by automating other manual processes.

The team will be demonstrating PanaCast 2, PanaCast 2s, PanaCast 3D VR and its Intelligent Vision suite of products at Microsoft Ignite from September 25-29, at booth #1057, in Orlando, Florida.

Be sure to check out our booth and say hi to the team if you’re at the show!