Work better together with everyone in the picture, in the know

Three cameras working as one, with Intelligent Vision. Hello future

Immersive, inclusive and adaptive

PanaCast seamlessly integrates video from three cameras with real-time dynamic stitching

100% room coverage

100% coverage

Get full use of your collaboration rooms and spaces. Include the whole team in the conversation. PanaCast is uniquely optimized for huddle rooms. Find out how.

Truly panoramic

PanaCast seamlessly integrates video from three cameras to deliver a true panoramic experience with a natural perspective.


PanaCast is a Plug-and-Play USB device with built-in HD stereo audio. Just plug it in, select it, and go. It just works.

PanaCast delivers technology which, unobtrusively and intelligently, enables the innovators and global teams of our generation to do their best work.

Our Technology

PanaCast + Intelligent Vision

Creating a full 180° panoramic view was just the first step toward a smarter future. With the whole room now visible, unlock the full capabilities of our Intelligent Vision software. 


Include everyone automatically with Intelligent Zoom

Light any room with Vivid

Share your ideas with PanaCast Whiteboard

Works with everything

Plug-and-Play easily with the most popular collaboration services

Video conferencing for today’s collaborative teams

Seeing the whole room gives teams the ability to use their natural, intuitive communication skills

Catch the details

From body language to group dynamics, PanaCast allows you to read the whole room, catching every detail. 

See the full picture with a panoramic 180° view

With PanaCast, the whole room is in view and everyone has a seat at the table even the whiteboard.

Immersive solutions for any environment

See the whole huddle room

Conferencing in a huddle room doesn’t have to mean scrunching together. This huddle room camera goes beyond a wide angle video conference camera. 

Enterprise scalability

Get intelligent video capabilities in a Plug-and-Play, Panoramic-4K integrated multi-camera system for conference rooms of any size.

Global classrooms

Take your virtual learning programs to a higher level of education with a PTZ conference camera alternative that lets you see the big picture.

Trusted by industry leaders

Stay focused on your meeting

PanaCast will do the rest